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• A vulnerability in Worldcoin could have allowed attackers to take over Orbs.
• The issue was quickly reported and patched before launch.
• CertiK has verified that the fix entirely prevents the threat.

Bug Discovered In Worldcoin

A vulnerability in Worldcoin was recently discovered by blockchain security firm CertiK which, if exploited, could have potentially allowed attackers to take over Orbs. These Orbs are Worldcoin’s eye-scanning devices installed in public locations around the world.

Issue Reported and Patched

The bug would have allowed an attacker to bypass verification procedures to become an operator of Orbs without having to provide any company information or ID verification or undergo a vetting interview. Fortunately, CertiK informed Worldcoin of the issue before their public announcement and the project had patched the vulnerability.

Verification Of Fix

CertiK has confirmed that they have verified and confirmed that the fix entirely prevents this threat from happening again. They also plan on providing further details about how this issue was fixed in a future post later on down the line.

What Are Orbs?

Orbs are eye-scanning devices developed by Worldcoin that are installed in public locations around the world for identification purposes. They can be used for authentication services such as verifying user’s identity when making purchases or accessing secure accounts online.


To conclude, a vulnerability was discovered in Worldcoin which could have potentially been used to attack its own Orb devices located around the world had it not been reported and patched quickly before launch by blockchain security firm CertiK. CertiK has since then verified that this fix entirely prevents any threats from occurring again regarding this particular issue and will be releasing more information about how it was fixed at a later date.

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