Azuki Twitter Breach: Blockchain Security Firms Block Hackers‘ Links

• Azuki’s Twitter account was hacked and used to promote a fake virtual land mint.
• Several blockchain security firms blocked the malicious link and no Azuki tokens were stolen.
• Earlier in the week, Robinhood and Moonbirds also had their accounts breached.

On January 27th, the official Twitter handle of the bluechip NFT project, Azuki, was breached by malicious players. This was confirmed by the head of Azuki’s community, Dem, and several project officials urged the community not to click any link. The hackers posted two tweets with malicious links, promoting a fake virtual land mint. In response, blockchain security firms like Wallet Guard and crypto wallets like MetaMask, and Phantom Wallet blocked their users‘ access to the phishing link.

Fortunately, Etherscan data revealed that wallets connected to the hackers have not stolen any Azuki tokens. One of the wallets held 214 ETH ($343,000) as of press time, indicating that the hackers had not yet had the chance to access the funds. However, the hackers were still able to post a malicious link on Azuki’s Twitter bio as of press time.

This news comes shortly after Robinhood’s accounts were also used to promote an unassociated crypto token. Similarly, Moonbirds founder Kevin Rose experienced a wallet breach, resulting in the loss of NFTs worth millions.

Overall, the breach of Azuki’s Twitter account serves as a reminder of the importance of security in the blockchain industry. By taking the necessary steps to secure their accounts, users can help ensure that their assets and accounts are safe from malicious actors.