The financial world of Bitcoin Code

The financial world is a sector that has become very attractive for many of us, so increasingly we are more often those who are dedicated to investing in different financial markets.

In order to carry out our operations in the best possible way, among other things, we need to work with a trusted broker that will help us support to invest in a calm and safe manner.


However, it is also true that having become fashionable all this, many brokers joined the bandwagon of this success and we offer fully fraudulent services with those trying to nickel and dimed in a blink of an eye. Just today we have found support these features, we refer to TheBitcoinCode.

codecoin15It is a broker who has tried to capture our attention because it works mainly with a financial instrument that is not very common among this type of media, the Bitcoin.

Yes, the famous cryptocurrency is the main protagonist of this scam, since the team this broker tries to convince us, based on all kinds of ruses, which is an „ideal“ support to operate with these digital coins.

Nothing is further from reality, since, since we’ve entered your website, we’ve realized that smells The BitCoin Code scam from afar.

For this reason, our article today is dedicated to this fraudulent broker, so that, we can include it in the list of media that we must discard as soon as possible and avoid attempting to steal all our money.

Without further ado, let’s see in the following sections, all that we have discovered this deceptive broker. For them!

Conociendo a BitCoin The Code

As we do in all our analyzes, the first thing we will do about this broker is to know some information about it.

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Whenever we work with legal and appropriate supports, we usually find meaningful data about the broker itself and experience presented in the financial world.

But of course, as expected, The BitCoin Code is not a support „good“, therefore, little information will be able RECAVA him. Although we have pretty clear that we can not wait for anything good from this broker, still, we have started to investigate Who knows?

The same we find some surprises, although we doubt it fully.

First, we have entered on the website of The BitCoin Code and as we have seen design having, has thrown us back right away. It is a complete rip off. But we are a professional, we will not leave the half-analysis, try to get all the juice is inside this page.

Bitcoin web

Well, we’ve gone around the web and we have seen the end of it a few links that should lead us to important documents such as policy actions of the broker or privacy, among other similar things appear.

Once we thought that any of these documents we can find the information we’re looking for and so quickly we click on all of them to see if we have something clear.

But to our surprise, these links are not real, are there jobs paste, because at the time clickeamos them, what happens is that the main page refreshes and does not lead us anywhere else.

First lie. As we know, all these documents must be clearly visible in the financial brokers and if in this case we can not get any information, something obviously have to hide.

Our first steps by the broker are not being too successful, so, as we will not give up so easily, we decided to get down to investigate Internet to see if somewhere in the network we find information on this broker.

Nothing, after many laps, all that we have read are a lot of reviews about this support, so once again we were able to confirm that this broker is not reliable.

But also not meet with any information to give us any clues about the history of that support, another aspect that has caught our attention is that, on either side of the web, the seal or signature of entities listed regulatory.

Therefore, this is another of the things that make us seriously think that The BitCoin Code is a scam major brand. Generally, in legal it supports the presence of entities such as the stands National Securities Market Commission of Spain (CNMV) or the Authority British Financial Conduct (FCA).

But in this case, we have not seen nothing, so we have pretty clear that all activities carried out in this bracket (if it actually takes some out) are a real fraud.

Now we know that The BitCoin Code moves away completely of legality, we continue with our analysis in the following sections, so we will know more in-depth all the tricks and gimmicks that this rabble carried out to try to deceive and take away all the money they can but we will not allow.

A „foolproof“ system to make us gold

And we have seen that this broker is quite misleading, because it shows us nothing about the legality of it. On this basis, now is the time to analyze what the system is trying to sell through this support.


As expected, these people tell us they have created a truly „wonderful“ software with which we can get gold in record time. Specifically, according to what they tell us, this system can make us win a whopping $ 13,000 in just 24 hours is amazing.

But the truth is that all this talk is cheap, because in reality all they tell us is totally false.

To begin, we clear all this because, although we know that investments can come to reap huge profits, the fact is that operations do not always have to be successful, therefore, such amounts are impossible to get much less if we starting our journey through the financial world.

Similarly, it is not too believable that these people are the most supportive in the world and offer us a completely free software that can get stratospheric amounts of money.