Foundation Repair Basics

Average commercial foundation repair costs may seem a little prohibitive, but it’s good for commercial property owners and homeowners to know the significance of required foundation repair. Specifically, we’re talking about the state of your commercial structure and its integrity – that magical, 100 percent protective force that keeps everything in place. It can also help to remember that some symptoms of potential foundation damage are also signs of foundation problems and necessary foundation repair techniques, so you’ll know whether to trust your home’s structural integrity or if a qualified foundation repair professional should be called… and when. Here’s what you need to know.Foundation Repair Garland TX

It’s always smart to make sure your property isn’t over-pressurized when you apply new construction finishing techniques and or add bracing to existing foundations. This is because excess stress on the structures may lead to cracks or other types of foundation damage. It’s also a good idea to check your soil for compaction as part of your overall foundation repair strategy. While it’s true that some kinds of soil are better suited for different kinds of building projects, you’ll also want to make sure that yours has plenty of air pockets in it to promote proper drainage.

If your commercial property has undergone any kind of heavy industrial activity, this will certainly affect the way water moves through it. For instance, concrete leveling may be necessary after a plant has been built, but this will only be true up until a certain point – after the concrete has aged and the layers of sand and gravel have consolidated. At that point, the pressure on the structure’s joints will begin to increase and cause cracks, gaps and other types of foundation damage. In cases such as these, hiring a professional foundation repair service is absolutely critical, as the cracks may get bigger over time with wrong repairs, resulting in permanent damage that cannot be repaired. In some cases, concrete leveling can take weeks, months or even years to correct properly, which means you could potentially lose money through delay.

Unfortunately, residential buildings can also experience a variety of different kinds of damage that result in small cracks or other types of foundation repair problems. Moisture from rain or other sources can slowly eat away at a foundation over time, causing small cracks that are easy to repair. However, when there’s an issue with water penetration, cracks can get progressively larger, eventually posing a danger to your safety and property. For instance, if you have cracks at the bottom of a basement entrance, they can expand and close even with time, compromising the integrity of the structure as well as your safety. The same is true for cracked walls and windows, as both can let in moisture and other factors that can hasten the spread of disease and mold.

As mentioned earlier, some Houston-area businesses have faced significant foundation problems in the past. In fact, it’s not uncommon for structures to sustain cracks and other types of structural damage over time. This can be difficult to assess at first, but a trained contractor can help you assess the situation and develop a plan to remedy the problem. Even small cracks can pose a threat to the health and safety of employees, customers and even yourself if left unaddressed.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your Houston Commercial Space, you may want to consider hiring a qualified contractor to come in and inspect your space before you invest further in a new commercial building. A quality inspection should be performed before any type of foundation repair is considered. In fact, if your cracks are located near a source of excess moisture, you should have the problem repaired as soon as possible to prevent serious structural damage from occurring. Even if your Houston Commercial Building has no structural damage or major electrical or plumbing issues, you can still benefit from a professional inspection.

Fortunately, some of the most popular methods of foundation repair can actually prevent major problems from developing in the first place. For example, you should make sure that your gutters are properly cleaned on a regular basis. Otherwise, tree roots can grow and break through the channel between the gutter and floor drain, causing foundation damage and significant water damage to your Houston Commercial Space. On the other hand, there are some things you can do to prevent large surface cracks from developing. For example, keep objects from being dragged by heavy winds; always use non-slip floors and carpet runners; and make sure your Houston Commercial Space is never wet from rain. These steps can go a long way towards preventing sinking foundation problems and will ultimately save you money in the long run.

If your foundation does require repairs, you will likely end up hiring a contractor who has extensive experience in the field. Most contractors are experienced with all types of foundations and can fix a wide range of different foundation problems. Some of the most common repairs include repairing damaged floor drains, repairing a leaking ceiling, or eliminating tree roots and wet soils. You may also want to consult with a contractor who specializes in Foundations and Floor Repairs, especially if you have special needs such as a column collapse or other type of foundation damage. A contractor with this type of experience will be able to help you select the best solution for your unique foundation situation.