Top Five Popular Telugu Web Series That You Must Watch

Telugu web series has so far been in the lime light among global film industry. This is because, the Telugu film industry has been caddies in the global box office successes. Telugu Web Series has was ruling at the highest levels since its inception. It has thus earned itself a position as a brand name that has transcended across the different regions of India. Vaishnavi Chaitanya

Telugu Web Series is set to touch the Same heights that are ruled by illustrious Telugu cinema nowadays. The new series made exclusively in Telugu would surely touch new heights in the national cinematography industry. The new series is so innovative with fresh content and ideas- driven that they’re slowly gaining immense popularity day by day across the different provinces of India. From Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh to West Bengal, Chennai and Hyderabad, these Telugu movies are currently spreading their wings everywhere.

The very first episode of the new series titled as ‚Nanban‘ or „The Nest of Twins“ has been receiving warm and welcoming response from the viewers all over. The story of the sitcom revolves around a young man named Vijay and his two best friends called Kuttan and Ravi who reside in a small town named Nanban. Vijay strives hard to lead a life that he has never been able to experience before because of his tragic past. He accidentally gets separated from his best friend Ravi and falls into a coma. He survives the ordeal and is miraculously recovered after a year. But with the help of his doctors, he regains his memories and begins to pursue his dream to become a superstar.

Krishna Tanneru is the director and co-writer of the Telugu Web Series named as „Nanban“. This Telugu sitcom is one of the most watched comedy series in India. It is also one of the most rated and most watched Telugu TV series. The director and writer have done a fantastic job in creating a captivating and hilarious story of Vijay which will make you laugh and cry at the same time. The script and the acting are so realistic that even you would want to watch this series again.

If you want to know what is next in line for the Telugu Web Series „Nanban“ and „Ravi and Kuttan“, then you should now know that after the impressive success of the show, they are planning for few more episodes to be shot for the next season. They have already scripted several episodes that are in pre-production and they are looking forward to shoot the rest of the episodes in the near future. The story of the story is based on the mythological beliefs of the Telugu people where Vaitarani (the god of wealth) was born when Sita, the Nannath goddess of knowledge came to her senses. She wanted to find a worthy man who could fulfill her wish of finding her prince Chilappatra so she took Sita to a forest to look for a worthy person.

The story of the series „Nanban“ is about two brothers named Bhargav and Pavan Sadineni who are studying to become doctors in New Delhi. The brothers are cousins and they were given the surname ‚Bhargava‘. They were supposed to leave for India but owing to the financial crisis, they had to stay in New Delhi. After some serious academic battle, they decided to change their name and become known as ‚Pavan Sad Nutr‘ meaning Pavan the handsome and Pavan the doctor. They start following an intense and painful experience which left them with a deep respect for money and word has it that Pavan died a painful death in the hospital because of an accident.

Another exciting Telugu web series worth watching is „Nanban“. This series revolves around a set of Hindi movies called ‚Nanban‘, named after the director. The movies are based on a set of stories about three brothers who were supposedly indentured workers in British India in the late 1920s. Their struggle for survival and freedom would touch the hearts of many Indians and was considered as a turning point in Indian cinema.

„N Biharika“ is another exciting Telugu web series. The story revolves around a young girl who gets to marry after her parents arranged marriage by her brother. However, things go wrong when the groom goes missing and it is up to N Biharika and her friends to find him. This is an all-ages series, which means that even kids can watch the show without any objection.

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