Your Story Agency Business – A Marketing Strategy For Women

Your Story Agency Business – A Marketing Strategy For Women

Your Story Agency is an integrated media management consultancy company that specialises in creating effective brand marketing strategies. They will work closely with you and your business to develop a campaign that combines strong branding, excellent visibility and consistent message across all mediums. Your Story Agency will understand your industry and cultural nuances and tailor a campaign that gets you the best possible results. This includes a multifaceted approach across multiple platforms such as print, digital, social, television and the web.

Your Story Agency was founded by Melinda Blank and her husband, Michael Blank, in 2021 with the mission of developing high quality, client centred content for the internet. Your Story Agency was really started out as a small team of consultants who specialised in creative branding at a small boutique firm. Melinda knew she wanted to start a digital agency so she could create unique digital content and connect with niche audiences across the globe. As the company grew, so did her faith in herself and her creative vision. She knew she wanted to make your story heard but wasn’t sure how to get it there. Your Story Agency

Your Story Agency was launched in June 2021 with the objective of creating viral video productions and online content for global distribution. Melinda realised that she didn’t have the skills or experience inbound marketing or B2B market development to launch a successful online marketing strategy, which led to mistakes in sourcing, production and distribution. In July she learned that a prospective client had sent her a rough online video proposal and asked to speak to her if he had any further questions. At this point Your Story Agency was born. Melinda recognised the potential of this new media platform and set about developing a plan to develop this new form of communications and distribute the content via social media outlets such as YouTube and Facebook.

The next week Melinda contacted her creative team and presented the story idea to them. Immediately, they suggested two methods of video production: viral video and B2B lead generation call capture. Melinda knew that both methods required significant investment, however, she felt that she only needed minimal expertise in either area. To this end, Melinda contacted Braeden to conduct a series of interviews with people from every corner of the globe. Through these interviews, Melinda hoped to discover the common threads that would prove to be the secret to building a viral video and B2B lead generation campaign.

Melinda had a list of about twenty people from across the globe including executives from a popular clothing line, an architect, a fashion adviser, a travel agent, a bus driver, a housekeeper and even a motivational speaker. Melinda used each person’s story to create a blog that was posted to the My Story website. As the first started getting viral hits, Melinda noticed that more people were coming to her site to read her stories. The more she shared them, the more she grew interested in B2B lead generation call capture as a business development tool. Melinda knew that she didn’t have to be an experienced marketer to make a powerful marketing statement.

When the first blog hit the internet, Melinda knew that she had found her home for business. From that point on, everything just grew. Melinda began to use the My Story Agency as a platform for B2B lead generation through viral videos and B2B lead generation by sharing her personal experiences. This is when she really started learning and becoming excited about the potential that video could provide. After posting each blog entry, Melinda contacted Braeden for ideas and queries. Melinda knew right then and there that she had found her passion.

Through My Story Agency, Melinda was able to not only display her talent and stories but also to tap into the incredible resources that the web has to offer in terms of B2B marketing tools. As her fan base grew, her business opportunity for video production grew as well. Eventually, Melinda became a full-time My Story Agency mentor. She honed her skills, discovered new creative possibilities, and got caught up in all of the B2B lead generation options available to her.

Today, Melinda is proud to say that her My Story Agency business is flourishing. Her YouTube channel has over 25 million views and she is becoming known as the go-to B2B resource for social media marketing and video production. She recently launched a video series, „My Story,“ which is hosted by Braeden claiming to connect her story to that of the country. While many people are quick to label Melinda and her work as a B2B product salesperson, there is one fact that should not be overlooked. Braeden, who is half American, is herself a B2B marketer and business development expert who started her online marketing passions with My Story Agency.


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